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Dog Boarding

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OPEN 24/7/365


Whether you are going away for a day or a week or more, we offer vacation boarding in our comfy home. We live on an eleven acre farm that is mostly woodland, with trails and streams to play in and large fields for chasing balls.

Dogs have free reign of the house and yard and are not caged*, tied up, or put in concrete runs or isolated rooms. The door from the house to the fenced yard is always open during the day, so they can choose whether to play inside or out, anytime. The dogs are supervised 24/7 and given lots of hugs, kisses and snuggles! They're even allowed to sleep in our beds!

* For dogs accustomed to sleeping in crates, we have them available. You don't have to bring your own! And we have plenty of dog beds!

We specialize in FREEDOM and FUN!

We limit the number of overnight guests to ensure individualized pampering, so spaces are limited! All dogs must complete the admissions process at least two weeks prior to their stay. Although we accept last minute reservations for existing customers (if space is available), please book your dog's stay as far in advance as possible to ensure your space.

Boarding Fees (per 24 hour period)

1 dog: $85

2 dogs from the same household: $145

Each additional dog: full price

Drop off/Pick Up

Dogs may be dropped off or picked up any time between 9am and 7pm, but we need to know ahead of time so we're not out hiking when you get here! Boarding fees are calculated per 24 hour period

 Not so fine print:

There are NO EXTRA HIDDEN COSTS for walks, playtime, cuddles, feeding, snacks, tv, Netflix, piped musak, medication administration, private suites, premium packages, luxury upgrades, maid service, bedtime story, or ANYTHING!*

*Owners may be held responsible for damage caused by their pet

One all-inclusive price covers it all!

Owners provide their own food.

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