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Dog Day Care

Our unique doggy daycare setting is unlike any other available in all of New Jersey!


Your dogs spend a physically and mentally stimulating day off leash with a small group of friendly dogs, which includes hiking, chasing each other through the woods or across the fields, catching balls, swimming and relaxing on tempurpedic dog beds. All dogs are temperament tested before admission to ensure that everyone is friendly. The entire 11 acre property is fenced, and the perimeter is checked daily to make sure the fencing is intact.

The doors from the house to the fenced in yard are literally always open during the day. That means that your dogs are not forced to exercise or take a nap if that's not what they want; they have the freedom to choose where they spend their time. This creates a relaxing, stress-free environment, where active dogs are free to run around and older or quieter dogs are given the space they need to rest. All dogs are given lots of individual love and attention to make sure they feel at home!


Daycare hours are typically

from 9am to 4pm*


* We can be flexible, so please inquire if your schedule does not quite match

Day Care Fees: 
Full Day (up to 7 hours) $45 
* Real-time videos of your dog's journeys so you can see how much they're enjoying themselves

* Multiple off leash hikes each day through the backyard trails, including swimming in the streams on the property

* Plenty of fresh water and healthy snacks

* Socialization in small groups of friendly dogs for the entire day

* Training reinforcement and humane handling modeled on reward-based positive training, fair leadership and gentleness. Force and punishment are never used!

Please feel free to call with any questions!


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