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When are you open, and do you charge extra for holidays?

Unlike most Dog Day Care and Boarding facilities, we are open 24/7/365; weekdays, weekends and holidays at no extra charge. Hours are 9am-4pm for daycare, and you can drop off and pick up your dog for boarding any time between 9am and 7pm!

Where do you hike?

We hike on our 11 acre property, which is completely fenced in. Dogs are free to go at their own pace and of course they run around off leash!


How many dogs go on a hike?

We keep the "packs" small in order to maintain a safe, fun environment and give each dog individualized attention. Most groups contain 3-5 dogs, and the maximum is around 8.


Do you hike in bad weather?

Yes, we hike in everything - rain, snow, whatever Mother Nature throws at us! Of course, the health and safety of the pups is our number one concern, so we will adjust our hikes if it's really bad out there!  But the dogs are always dried off, warmed up or cooled down as conditions require.

What happens if my dog gets injured?

Accidents happen! But don't worry, Hike Hounds Canine Adventures, LLC is fully insured and bonded by Pet Sitters Associates LLC. That means that whether your dog breaks a nail (it's happened!) or skins his knee while in our care, insurance should pick up the tab. But the first thing we do is to call you and keep you apprised of your pup's condition every step of the way! 

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