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Hike Hounds Canine Adventures, LLC was founded by Wildlife Preserves ranger and land steward Caryn Heffner. It was inspired by Caryn's enthusiasm for hiking and the outdoors and her deep love of dogs. She has owned, hiked with and trained dogs continuously from childhood.

Caryn is a graduate of Cornell University, which she chose for its outstanding Veterinary program. Although her dream of becoming a vet hasn't materialized (yet!), she has always been a devoted and nurturing caregiver to dogs and other animals. After careers in IT and arts education management, she chose to create a dog care business that combines the warmth of home with the thrill of days spent exploring forests.


Caryn is experienced in:

  • Positive Dog Training and Behavior Modification

  • Professional Dog Walking & Sitting

  • Foster care for "unadoptable" shelter dogs who need special TLC, socialization and training before they can find their forever homes

  • American Red Cross Pet First Aid and CPR Certification

  • NJ Forest Stewardship

  • Wilderness First Aid Certification


Caryn knows that her own dogs, Nikki and Casey, would be stressed and miserable in any facility that kept them either confined in a small area or forced to play all day with dozens of other dogs in one room or enclosure. That's why Hike Hounds provides small groups of dogs the freedom to play anywhere in the house or 11 acre property with 24 hour supervision. Dogs can  choose to rest, exercise, socialize, relieve themselves and explore their environment as they wish. That's the beauty of Hike Hounds Canine Adventures, LLC...    


It's the kind of loving place where the happiness of the dogs comes first.